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Friday, July 20, 2007

Everyone Has Something

It was early on after my parents' accident and I was going about my day on autopilot:  get kids ready, go to hospital, get kids home, go to karate, dinner, homework...  I was hardly present in the moment. My mind was focused on my parents, getting to the next the next thing, and having this little lump and wondering if it was something worth worrying about.

I had a moment where I felt like I was all alone with my experiences.  No one had ever had all this happen at once, had felt overwhelmed, had all my family members hospitalized.

It wasn't right away, but soon afterwards it occurred to me, probably no one else was in the same place as me.  However, everyone has their thing.  Everyone has something in their life which is hard and overwhelming and feels the most challenging right now. It is different for each person.  But it is hard for them and that is the key. We all know hardships, they are just different.

It might not be them personally, it might be a spouse, parent, child, close relative, or good friend.  No one is alone in their "suffering," some may just choose not to share.  I find it helpful to remember when out in the world.

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