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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wig Research

Who knew that I would be learning about wigs and considering losing my hair.  Many women seem to struggle with the thought of losing their hair and I did too.

I can't imagine not being a redhead, it would be strange.  In learning about wigs, I found a local stylist who sells wigs.  She had some examples which looked very similar to my hair and she could cut it so it would look even more similar.

Taxol usually has the side effect of losing one's hair, but it is also often offered in conjunction with other chemos.  I will wait and see what happens before ordering the wig.

It's funny how when considering losing ones hair, we do see it as a temporary situation..the hair will grow back.  Many women are deeply saddened by the experience.  When considering how long it takes for hair to get long again, it feels less of a temporary situation.

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